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Caring for People 


Considerable number of families count on our food to meet their needs, from table to table these needs vary greatly. That’s why we are constantly listening, learning, evolving and why we’ll always offer a variety of foods that deliver holistic attributes. While taste is one very important attribute, so too are nutrition, accessibility and sustainable production. Only by considering all these aspects of our foods we can contribute to food security and help ensure the world’s ability to feed our ever-increasing population.


Back To School


Encouraging children that have dropped out of school in Egypt to re-attend by supporting their school fees, school kits and snacks


Bring in policies and laws forbidding Food Waste and Food Loss.


BiscoMisr as a part of Kellogg's company signed a partnership agreement with the Egyptian Food Bank to bring in policies and laws to decrease food waste. One of the most exciting food waste initiatives in Egypt happened years ago when we encouraged hotels to reduce the size of the plates used in buffets. The plates went from 32 cm to 27 cm. In one hotel chain, this change urged people to put less food in their plates, which led to reducing by 25% the amount of surplus food.

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